Tips to get Top Search Engine Rankings

In this article we show you how to improve your search engine rankings by using quick search engine optimization tips.

You can increase your website’s popularity by increasing your internal and incoming links. This is easily done if you take some time to cross-link important pages on your website to others. If you have more than one website, also cross-link between them. This is done by simply using the main key words in your text and linking them to other pages relevant to your message.

If you are linking pages of more than one website, remember to always include a back link to the main website.

You can also take action around links that you don’t control. You can ask websites that link to your competitors to also link to your website. To find out which sites are linking to your competitors, visit a search engine and enter the word link followed by your competitors domain name:

You can also exchange links with sites listed in the same category as yours in the major web directories such as the Yahoo! Directory and the Open Directory.

When you are loading new content pages such as articles to your website for SEO purposes, make sure to use the Meta-tag section. Use no more than 128 characters to include key words from your article relevant to search items users will type into engines.

If you include a site map with links to all your pages, this will help search engines to find and index all your pages. Remember to limit the number of links on a web page to 50.

Use one or more header tags in your main page body and include your most important key-words and phrases.

The first couple of lines of the first paragraph are important and you should check it to see if it is appropriate to be used as a description of your page. Many search engines put the first couple of sentences of the body text as the search results description, instead of the contents of the Meta Description Tag.

Try to achieve a minimum word count of 300 and a maximum of 750 words on each page.

Also be sure to name the page or the new article with your most important keyword phrase.